My Opening Remarks from Meet the Candidates Night 3.15.2017

I am running for Village trustee to give us all a choice –…and that choice has opened the question what is our village government today and what do we want it to be in the future

I offer a real choice, something we have not had for many years
I offer a real choice because I am independent from anyone on our current board and anyone on our recent past boards
I offer a real choice because I am highly qualified for this position

I have deep professional communications skills honed over 25 years in corporate communications notably 14 at IBM
I am an expert at taking complex information and presenting it in easily understandable language and style so that people who have not spent months and years researching and studying an issue can quickly grasp the important points.
I am adept in using a wide variety of technologies and techniques to communicate with large audiences
I know how to frame issues to clearly identify why my audience should care and where appropriate what action they should take.

I have proven advocacy and leadership skills.
I have worked on our school district’s Board of Education’s Legislative Action Committee for the past 4 years and I am currently the chair

On this committee I have successfully advocated for LIPA to continue to pay their $20M tax bill on the decommissioned Glenwood plant. LIPA is continuing to challenge this, so the need to fight is also on-going and I am there.
Last year I successfully advocated for the end of something called the GEA – a situation where Albany took state aid – money – from pubic schools to cover the budget shortage created by the 2008 financial crisis. This situation cost our little school district almost $3.7M over 7 years – that’s $3.7M that we’ve had to raise in taxes because the state basically shorted us – My work in ending this situation helps fund our schools while keeping our taxes lower.
Just last week I met with Senators Marcellino & Hannon and Assmeblymembers Lavine, Ra, Montesano and D’Urso in a small meeting with a group called SuperLAC. SuperLAC is a coalition I was instrumental in forming, between North Shore, Garden City and Manhasset school districts. I was at that meeting to advocate for more state aid from Albany to be paid to our schools in this years state budget.
All this work, though done in a school district organization serves our community. The majority of our tax bills are for school taxes. My advocacy work has brought more money from the state and LIPA to our school budget which ultimate keeps our taxes lower.

Advocacy is about gaining influence. This is why it was critical, in my mind, to form a coalition with other districts, especially ones with different state senators. Through SuperLAC I am able to access 3 state senators and 5 assembly members which broadens our influence. I’ve had many small group meetings with our state elected officials over the past few years and I now have established relationships with each of them. These relationships and my advocacy skills will be helpful with some of the bigger issues our village faces.

Finally I have community building skills…which I’ve never actually thought of as skills because really it’s just what I do…just what we do. My husband Dan and I found our way to Sea Cliff 12 years ago – childless and after buying a dilapidated cottage on Littleworth Lane we were also broke. Our neighbors to the right and left – both closer to our parents ages than ours – held welcoming parties for us at their houses, introducing us to the warmth and caring of this old and lovely village.

We now have two children in Sea Cliff School, many deep and loving friendships that will last our whole lives, lots of points of connection with different people and activities in our community and a house that’s almost done. Together Dan and I have hosted or organized so many budget coffees, group playdates, softball games, caroling outings, and family picnics …. I’ve lost count.
Dan, as a social worker with expertise in treating addiction and substance abuse and a natural coach, has been involved in coaching and organizing sports – for both kids and adults – in sea cliff for many years. He is a Board member of the NS Coalition Against Substance Abuse. He organizes a big camping trip out to Montauk each fall.
I’ve have stepped in where I’ve seen a need, first the Village Bulletin, when Syliva Wagner passed on the Calendar responsibilities to me, then to the PCA and then on to the Legislative Action Committee. I see a need now on our Village Board for my clear, open, engaging communications skills, my advocacy and leadership skills and my deep, abiding respect and love for Sea Cliff.

I am running FOR Sea Cliff.

Please ask me more about all of th